Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Review of April's Rock House!

This is a review written by David Frampton about April's Rock House at the Westhill Hall... written for the MIND blog in Brighton.

Thanks David!


The Rock House presents:

The Fish Police, Zombie Crash, Sauna Youth, Richard Rock n Roll, Fuzz Bomb Flash Band

The West Hill centre 21/4/2015

Ever since the Halloween bash last year I’ve been tuned on to the Rock House providing a stage for bands with learning disabilities and non-learning disabilities. Mixing up any genre from metal, hip hop, fuzz pop and outsider rock n’ roll to future funk. Sadly I missed Zombie Crash and Fuzz Bomb Flash Band this time due to childcare commitments at the start of the evening. I haven’t seen Fuzz Bomb..but I have seen Zombie Crash who last Halloween decimated the stage with one of the most intense metal gigs I have ever seen rivalling the likes of High On Fire for crushing power.

Richard Rock n Roll devoted his set to a personal tragedy that had happened and touchingly delivered un-self consciously and emotionally his feelings onstage. The backing band provided by members of Sauna Youth bashed out a pretty solid scuzzy overdriven vibe allowing Richard Rock N Roll to really express himself. Sauna Youth came on stage driving though a thrashy fast paced fuzz attack with some pretty natty shifts in structure elevating the rock n roll chaos. With the stage suitably warmed up and the fun factor notched up to 9 it was time for Fish Police to round it up to an 11.

There isn’t one person in that building last night that didn’t become an instant fan. Linked to creative art space Heart And Soul, Fish Police already have a stupendous unclassifiable album out “The Marzipan Transformations” which takes in Kraftwerk, Future funk, rap and pop. The West Hill was transformed as the electronic environs of the LP were replaced by a full band set up. The energy was exuberant and the band were on fire! Already anthemic classics “Black Scissors”, “Chicken Nuggets For Me” and “Coco Butter” were played confidently and with guts creating a mid-week party vibe that I’m still buzzing off. The West Hill has become a cult location for bringing together random strands of the community to celebrate under one celebration: music. The Rock House once again celebrated this with a unique evening that proved spectacular, fun, accepting and all embracing. I’ll be definitely searching out the next one!