Archive from 2009 - 2017 of the music night in Brighton.

Friday, 26 July 2013


Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! 

We had an amazing Rock House this July... with a solo set from Ryan O'Donovan (of Beat Express & Zombie Crash fame), the return of the mighty Richard WatsonCatherine O'Rourke, The Rock House Band went down a storm last month made an appearance with members even coming from Croydon to join in! The Teddy Boys (featuring Lee from Bubbaloo and Beat Express) were amazing, The brilliant Hit Party Crashers played and Sabien Gator headlined. It was a great way to finish up before Summer... remember there's no Rock House in August but we're back with a bang in September for our FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!!! Wow, we've been going for 4 years now!! Pat on the back to us!

We've got some treats in store for our Birthday Rock House, including some special guests coming down for the night... stay tuned for more info!


In other news though -

I have uploaded another 3 albums to the Rock House Records bandcamp website which you should definitely check out. These are -

DJ Ivon's soon-to-be-classic 2nd album "Southern Beats". An amazing journey through his interests in computer games, hip hop, dubstep, pop music, extreme sports, horror movies, metallica, his dreams and popular culture. It's a crazy mix but DJ Ivon totally makes it work.

Catherine O'Rourke's debut album, "This is My Passion". Recorded at her mum'shouse over a couple of months many years ago, with just her voice, her keyboard and her 8-track recorder. It's raw 80's influenced sound is an amazing document of her skills as a songwriter and singer.

Mr Skrapz, debut mixtape, "Boy in the Hood UK". Influenced by UK grime and dubstep as well as US hip hop like Mobb Deep, this mixtape is a collection of Mr Skrapz's instrumentals, reworkings of classics and his own original material. Hard bass music for hard bass heads!

You can download these and other albums from our bandcamp page. All the profits go direct to the artists!


ALSO, here are some photos from June's Rock House, courtesy of the always amazing Emily Barnett!