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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Halloween! Rock House Records! Yeah!

I've put up a video of Bubbaloo's performance of the Rock House mega-hit "The Bobble Song" which you can see here

I hope you enjoy your Bobble!

Which also leads on to a new project we've started here at the HQ is -


This is going to become a place where you can hear and buy all the albums by all the incredible artists that play down at the Rock House (and some that don't). Many of these records have been recorded by Tom or I in private music sessions and haven't been heard outside of these sessions and we think they most definitely should!

So far we have 3 albums available -

All of them are £5 to download and 100% of the profits go to the artists themselves.
More and more will be uploaded over the coming months so keep checking back!


Ok, on to next week... our annual Halloween Special!

Zombie Crash will be performing their now traditional headline set, hopefully with full gory make-up... we will also have a whole host of special performances for you, so make sure you're dressed up and ready to rock.

As always the music starts at 7:30 but if you'd like to come down and help out setting up and hang out you can do so from 6:30.

The night finishes at 9:30.

It's £2 on the night (carers free/donation) and we have cans of drink for sale for 50p

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Rich, Tom, Belinda, Nick, Steve & the rest of the The Rock House crew.