Archive from 2009 - 2017 of the music night in Brighton.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The Rock House...1st night!

Looking back at where it all started, here's the first email I sent out to see who we knew that could help Tom & I out in running the night. It's interesting for me to see that it lays out quite simply what we were aiming to do and why, also that a lot of what we hoped would happen did happen! Belinda included here is actually still working the front of house at The Rock House to this day! A Rock House institution!!

At the bottom i've included some photos from the first night that Anthony took.


From: Richard Phoenix
Subject: The Rock House!
To: "Anthony Howell", "Belinda Ferreter, "Cheryl Pierce", "Claire Griffiths", "Daisy", "Dan Purcell", "Diane Osbourne"
Date: Friday, 28 August, 2009, 9:59 AM

Hello guys!

Apologies on the mass email... hope you're enjoying your summer!

I'm mailing because Tom Cook and I have organised and set up a night for learning disabled musicians to perform live. We knew that a lot of the musicians we work with we're getting frustrated at not getting to play as frequently as they'd like. We're doing this outside of Carousel, mainly because it wasn't going to be possible to do it on the small scale that we think it could work really well at, and seeing how it develops and grows itself.

We wrote a small manifesto/ethos that should explain the idea -

"A space for people with learning difficulties to develop and craft their live performance. Born out of a desire from musicians with learning difficulties to regularly play and perform in front of an audience in their hometown. A chance for these artists to create a unique community and music scene. A future aim is to run a separate integrated night but the focus is to provide as much stage time as possible for these new acts."

So, to help the night go as smoothly as possible it would be amazing to have all your excellent & professional volunteering skills! We've confirmed the first night, which is Tuesday the 22nd of September, at the Westhill Hall on Compton Avenue (near 7 dials) so not too long away...

I've set up a myspace page with all the details on it -

If you'd be up for volunteering on the night that would be great. We're doing this off our own backs so we don't have any money to pay you expenses but we will be eternally grateful! We're getting to the venue from 5 to set up, the bands are arriving at 6 and the gig starts at 7. The night will be finishing at 10pm. If you could do one or two hours (or even the whole thing!) in that time period that would be brilliant. Just let me know.

I'm sure i've missed out some important information, of course don't hesitate to ask!

Hope you're all well & thank you for reading!