Wednesday, 17 April 2013


What a night! The 41st Rock House went great, with one of our best turn-outs ever, the return of Beat Express and Zombie Crash to the stage, a solo performance by Jolene Wild AND the Carbonators from Croydon coming down and rocking out... it was not one to be missed!

In other news I just wanted to let you know about another live music night for musicians with learning disabilities that I am setting up in Croydon with the help of Club Soda.

It is called SODA BEAT and the first one is next wednesday on the 24th April. It is at a great venue called Matthew's Yard in Croydon town centre. We're going to have sets from The Carbonators, Catherine O'Rourke, Sabien Gator, Daniel Wakeford and Jolene Wild. Looking to be a great night indeed! 

See you there!